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Yoga Space Bethel, CT

All Classes via Yoga Space are 75 minutes and can be attended in person with pre-registration or via zoom if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home to practice.

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Monday - LYT Yoga

     LYT Yoga is a very physical and unique style of yoga created by Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann. This yoga method promotes a more sustainable movement practice, emphasizing functional movement patterns, alignment, and intelligent sequencing. This biomechanically sound method is based on the three principles of physiology, kinesiology, and neurology. 

All levels are welcome, however this can be a vigorous practice as it it mainly movement based.  Modifications and advancement options are always given.


Friday - Balanced Yoga

  Balanced yoga classes include muscle warming dynamic movements,  breath connection, postural alignment and longer posture holds followed up by meditation and/or relaxation.  Suitable for students with some awareness of yoga postures, including Sun Salutations, who want to deepen their practice.

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