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In a private session clients receive one-to-one, individualized attention geared toward their specific needs.  The focus can be on a variety of things such as alignment, beginning to move after an injury, strength building, or goal oriented.  Sessions are highly specialized to the client's needs.

Package deals also available.


2-5 Students

Similar to a private session, semi-private sessions can provide an opportunity to receive more individualized attention by being a smaller group. 

These sessions can be for a group of friends that want to do something fun together, athletes looking to change up their routine, or something more focused toward a particular pose or a commonly injured or painful joint.

Contact me to book your own semi-private event.

Package deals also available.


5-10 Students

Similar to a semi-private session, a private party can be a fun opportunity for a group of friends looking for something different to do together, or a bachelorette party for example.  These sessions can also be for a group of athletes looking to add to or compliment their routine or for teenager to get a little exercise while moms take an hour off!

Any and all ideas are welcome.

Contact me to book your own private event.

Package deals also available.

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