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Styles of Yoga


LYT Yoga is a unique style of yoga created by Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann.  This yoga method promotes a more sustainable movement practice, emphasizing functional movement, alignment, and intelligent sequencing.  This biomechanically sound method is based on the three principles of physiology, kinesiology, and neurology.   For more information click here.


 Balanced yoga classes include muscle warming dynamic movements,  breath connection, postural alignment and longer posture holds followed up by meditation and/or relaxation.  Suitable for students with some awareness of yoga postures, including Sun Salutations, who want to deepen their practice.


Aligned Vinyasa is a combination of an alignment based practice and breath focused movement.  Together they form a fun and fluid yoga practice.



Chair yoga can be very beneficial to someone who is less mobile.  Participants will still be able to move their bodies using a chair in a variety of ways, which does not require getting onto the floor.


Prenatal Yoga is meant to help keep students' bodies moving and feeling good throughout pregnancy.  It can help  keep the body strong and feeling good as the relaxin hormone sets in and the body changes to make room for baby.  Relieving common aches and pains is always a goal, along with preparing for labor.  Clearance from a doctor is required.


Postantal Yoga is for those looking to get back into a movement practice after having a baby. The body is again changing and adapting to a new lifestyle, requiring proper muscle engagements to return to pre-pregnancy activities.  There is a focus on strengthening and lengthening the areas that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood has impacted, all while improving posture.   Doctor clearance is recommended.


Special Populations can include a variety of participants ranging from injury or surgery recovery, or athletes.  With permission and guidelines from a Doctor and Physical Therapist when necessary, as a PTA Janette can work with a wide range of students to suit their needs.

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